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Medix Case Management vs. Second Opinion

Why case management is second to none

Illness is one of the greatest stresses a person can undergo, particularly if the diagnosis is hard to come by or if the prognosis is not good.

In this age of internet and instant information, most people with undiagnosed or diagnosed illnesses will research their disease and seek out additional medical opinions and advice. Information, choices and possibilities are virtually unlimited. When you compound the myriad of choices and possibilities with the stress of illness, very rapidly the unlimited information and choices become confusing and overwhelming.

You have so many questions


Is the diagnosis right?
Have all the necessary tests been performed?
What is the best treatment for my condition?
Where is the best treatment available?
What side effects can I expect?
Are there any new medical developments I should be aware of?
Who is recommended as a leading physician in the speciality related to my medical condition?
Which medical centre is the best one for my condition?
How does one manage a medical problem during and after hospitalisation?

The list of questions a person with a serious illness has, is constantly growing.

So what to do?


Most people will seek out a second opinion. They will try to find a top physician specialising in their illness. They will generally pay to see the specialist privately and hear his opinion and recommendations. The specialist can offer a focused and precise answer regarding your questions and your disease as it is at that particular moment.

A "second opinion" is not enough


A "second opinion" is not an all encompassing solution. It is a short term solution because it is reactive and applies to the actual consultation itself. Each second opinion consists of one consultation and one opinion. The purpose of a second opinion is to review the material you bring with you and to give you another opinion. There is no ongoing support, supervision or continued follow up. You get an opinion and then you return to your physician, who may or may not be, the best person to treat you.

Medical Case Management is a total solution


As opposed to a second opinion, Medix medical case management is a total solution. It provides comprehensive and integrated care. Medix case management is the umbrella covering you during your time of need and shielding you from the rain of confusion and uncertainty. It is your advocate in receiving the best possible care by the best possible physicians and in the best medical centers.

Why is Medix case management different from a second opinion?


From the moment you contact Medix you are provided with a specialist medical case manager and a nurse medical coordinator who are totally dedicated to your needs and interests. These individuals will  be your contacts throughout your medical ordeal and will help you navigate the medical and emotional waters of your disease. The service includes ongoing medical re-evaluation, assessment, consulting and guidance. There is continuity. There is quality. There is knowledge. There is guidance.


What does Medix Case Management provide?


Along with the personalised medical attention, support and guidance, each new medical case is re-assessed and reviewed by leading experts. Medix case management service includes numerous consultations by global leading experts. Clients have direct access to advice from a global network of leading specialists and medical centers who provide ongoing medical opinion and guidance.

There is continued coordination and implementation of all your medical choices of care by a multidisciplinary team. There is also direct communication by the Medix team and treating physicians globally.

In addition, Medix provides access to a 24/7 call service for real-time medical information and clinical support.


So much more than just a second opinion

Medix case management is second to none when you are faced with a medical crisis. Medix is not a one time opinion or a recommendation. With our case management you have constant communication, guidance and the benefit of a global network of physicians and medical centers behind you. You receive ongoing re-evaluation and guidance. You have a medical and emotional backbone holding you up and holding your hand.

Medix case management
is a revolution in the quality of medical care.

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