True Stories Chemotherapy Avoided

Chemotherapy Avoided

Alice*, a 40-year old mother, was diagnosed with cancer after finding two lumps in her breast. She contacted Medix because she wanted to make sure that she saw the best doctors in her region in order to ensure that surgery to remove the lumps went successfully.
Alice's Medix Case Manager carefully explained the next steps and helped her choose the right experts for treatment. She decided to take the surgical route and was reassured that she was in the best possible hands. Surgery was scheduled and her personal case manager supervised her hospitalisation and recovery on a daily basis. Five days later she was back at home with her family.
Alice though, was determined to ensure that the cancer was gone forever and decided to undergo chemotherapy. Medix advised her to first take an oncogenetic test to determine her need for further treatment. She decided to take the test, and after a short holiday with her family she returned home to find her results waiting.
The test results were conclusive: chemotherapy would not decrease the chance of her cancer returning.
The findings meant Alice was spared from the physically and emotionally draining ordeal of chemotherapy.
* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Medix clients.
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