How Global Personalised Medical Case Management Works

How does it work?


Our call centre representative will explain. Our representative will explain our services in more detail and send an informed consent and confidentiality waiver for you to sign. You will then be asked to send all your medical information for our review.


You can submit all you medical information by email, fax or post. Our team will make this first step as easy as possible for you.


You will speak to a highly professional medical coordinator nurse to enrol. Our expert nurse will give you ongoing support and guidance. Your nurse will help you manage your medical situation and assist you in everything you need.


You will be appointed a personal medical case manager. Your case manager will evaluate and reassess your medical situation, will send your radiology tests for revision, and will consult with leading global experts on your behalf. He or she will provide you with objective and up-to-date information regarding your medical condition and treatment options and help you make the best choices.


You will be given all the needed referral letters, medical reports and support for best management of your case. At the end of your service period you will also receive a comprehensive summary of your medical situation which will help you in your future medical needs.


You can call Medix Call centre at any time, day or night. A Medix representative will always be on hand to support you and, if necessary, will transfer your call to your personal medical coordinator nurse or medical case manager for further support.

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