True Stories London Awaits Tom

London Awaits Tom


Tom was born with a problem in his windpipe. Doctors recommended a complicated heart-lung procedure, yet they lacked experience with this specific complication. Medix was able to locate a hospital in London with experience in treating this particular problem. Today Tom is alive, breathing and active, without having undergone any surgery.


Tom was born with a breathing problem. At first his parents were told that he had some form of asthma or bronchitis, but over time, his problem became more severe.


When Tom's family arrived at Medix, their personal case manager sent them for a series of tests. Tom’s mother comments: “It’s amazing. No other doctor, and we saw more than a few, recommended this particular series of tests."


Following those test results, Tom's case manager informed the parents that he suspected Tom had a windpipe problem, and sent them for a special bronchoscopy test. The findings were conclusive: Tom had a 50% narrowing of the trachea.


Tom’s breathing was considerably impaired, but what could be done? “From that moment on,” Tom’s mother recalls, “our medical case manager led us calmly, kindly and patiently, with a lot of love and care, in a search for a solution. He told us how and where to check, and he studied the medical literature extensively. He was available and attentive as he answered all of our questions, whether regarding details or major issues. He always responded with a clear explanation and a matter-of-fact approach.”


As it turned out, Tom had a highly unusual defect, which has onle been seen rarely in children in Israel. Local doctors suggested performing a complicated heart-lung surgical procedure, but they really had very little experience performing it.


Dr. Barak continued his search for the best solution for Tom. Using Medix's professional networks,  he contacted several hospitals overseas and then recommended the best centres in the world for treating Tom’s precise problem.


Together with their medical case manager, the parents decided on the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where there is a special unit that has accumulated significant experience in treating narrowed tracheae. Medix coordinated a consultation for the family with the staff of this unit in London.


“It’s hard to believe how they planned for everything, down to the last detail!” Tom’s mother continues: “Just as an example, as we were boarding the flight to London, the flight attendant handed us a surprise package for Tom, a gift from our personal case manager.”


The parents’ greatest surprise was still ahead. When they concluded the consult, the doctors in London claimed that it was clear to them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Tom did not need to undergo surgery.


Experience indicated that in cases like Tom’s, in which the child’s development was healthy and progressing normally, there was no need for surgery. Tthe problem would only fade with time, until the trachea’s dimensions would be near normal. Typically, such a tracheal defect occurs concomitantly with other related defects; the fact that this was not the scenario in Tom’s case strengthened their conviction that no surgery was necessary.


Today, Tom is ten years old. He runs, plays and most importantly, breathes normally. His breathing problems are more moderate and can be treated with conventional medications, such as bronco-inhalers and there is constant improvement.


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Medix clients.

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