Global Personal Medical Case Management Medix's Unique Database

In order to give our clients the best possible care and guidance for all their medical needs,  Medix has developed, maintains and continuously updates a unique and exclusive database of leading medical specialists and medical centres around the world.


Our research department team conducts independent research to extend our database and keep it up-to-date. Information is gathered through desk-based research, peer to peer surveys as well as interviews of key contacts and specialists in the field of health care. Our contacts and medical specialists throughout the world help us understand the local health care and medical regulatory systems and assist us in pinpointing the leading medical centres and health care providers in their region. All this information enables Medix to characterize and compare the level of health care in different locales.


Our unique database was built and is continuously upgraded to integrate the wealth of available information as well as professional networking and our confidential analysis of the information. Medix works with a unique rating system that reflects, among other things, medical outcomes, quality of care and patient's experience. Our database offers us access to experts in different areas of specialty and subspecialty. These are the very experts who will be able to provide the best advice and treatment of any medical condition or illness should the need arise.


At Medix, we know your care is only as good as the medical professionals treating you and we make sure you are cared for by the best the medical field has to offer. 

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