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Dear Client,


It was my own experience of the uncertainties of medical treatment that sowed the seed for the idea that later bloomed into Medix.


It all began when I went for my first mammogram. After postponing it for as long as I could, I found myself in the doctor's office, awaiting my turn. To pass the time, I made a few phone calls. That was when someone asked me, “Are you scared?” In truth, I hadn’t really considered anything beyond the appointment. Of course that must mean I had nothing to worry about, right?


But during the 24-hour wait for the result, I felt the dread seep into my day’s activities. I felt it creep over me as I waited for the elevator at the office and when I was putting my children to bed. It was the fear and the realisation that in one split-second this single piece of information could affect the rest of my life.


From the very first instance that illness enters our lives, we switch to a coping mode. We are fighting for our recovery and survival. We are forced to make numerous critical decisions, often based on what feels like too little information and limited knowledge. There are so many unknowns and so many questions that we need answered.


Medix was established to provide a response to these questions. Using our unique, personalised medical management models, Medix aims to offer its clients better medical care, by facilitating and improving the decision-making process, helping patients choose the best and most appropriate course of treatment, implementing quality care and supervision, and by accompanying the patients through all these stages until their recovery.


All of these actions help patients cope during what is undoubtedly a difficult period.


I have been very fortunate to be able to realise this vision with the participation and collaboration of the Medix team members, from whom I have learned so much about medicine and quality medical care.


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some examples of what I have learned, concepts which guide me in my role as President of Medix.


I was taught that when faced with an unusual diagnosis, one that is difficult to treat, the first task is not to find the best treatment, but counter-intuitively, it is to try and disprove the diagnosis. After witnessing the results at first-hand, it became clear that this approach actually made a major difference in people’s lives.


The other thing my work has taught me is that human dignity comes above all. At Medix we believe that listening to the patient and addressing his or her wishes and personal needs is no less important than listening to a physician's medical opinions.


I am proud to head our medical and paramedical team members, who are always humbled by our patients’ pains and who prioritise their well-being and quality of care above everything else.


I am very proud to announce that in 2011 we moved one step closer to realising the Medix mission with the launch of a strategic collaboration with AXA PPP International. As a result of this collaboration, AXA PPP International members are offered Medix global medical case management services. With this strategic move, AXA PPP International has redefined the standard of health plans, proving that is not just about paying medical bills but about providing a gateway to the best medical care


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for trusting us to serve them faithfully at their most vulnerable moments. We promise to continue working to further develop and deliver high quality medical services with the goal of making a real difference to our clients' lives as our only priority.


Sincerely Yours,

S. Atzmon, President

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