True Stories Surgery Avoided

Surgery Avoided


Had Julia not sought help from Medix, she would have undergone unnecessary surgery.


Julia*, 38, visited her GP complaining of night sweats, weight loss and fatigue. A physical examination revealed enlargement of lymph nodes in various areas; symptoms that could be caused by a malignancy or infectious disease.


She was sent for basic laboratory tests and an ultrasound. The results were inconclusive. She then underwent a local fine needle biopsy which returned with a finding of non-caseating granuloma. Julia's primary physician was left with no clear diagnosis. An MRI scan performed soon after showed no evidence of breast cancer and Julia was scheduled for a full lymph node excision under general anaesthesia.


At that point, feeling helpless and scared, she turned to Medix for medical case management and guidance.


Following a complete review of her medical file, Julia's medical case manager explained that before undergoing such a radical procedure, which is usually performed to determine the type of malignancy, one should first exclude simpler diagnoses, such as infectious disease, that can be detected by a simple blood test. Since not all of these tests had been performed, Julia's surgery was cancelled and blood samples were sent for analysis.


Within days, the tests returned positive for toxoplasma, which ruled out any malignancy, and antibiotics were prescribed as the sole treatment.


In Julia's case, had the correct course of action been followed from the outset, a lot of time, worry and pain would have been spared. The MRI scan would have been avoided, scheduling surgery and mentally preparing for it would have been unnecessary and Julia's recovery and peace of mind would have been achieved much earlier.


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Medix clients.

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