Global Personal Medical Case Management The Need For Personal Medical Case Management


The Need for Personal Medical Case Management


At Medix we believe that our global personal medical case management is the best way forward not only for the consumer but for health systems and insurance companies around the globe.


Why Consumers Need Medix


The advances in medical care and technologies, as well as the developing trend of active health related consumption, the dramatic increase in information options available, the growing private expenditure on health and the evolving trend of medical tourism has resulted in an evident need for advanced medical case management services.


The concerns of health consumers are simple and direct: 

Understanding the medical condition and the recommended consultation options

Choosing the best treatments available

  Ensuring the chosen treatment is performed by a trusted and expert medical team

  Maintaining control over insurance and financial concerns

  Keeping updated with the highest quality medical information


Consumers seek to receive quality services and value for their money. They require extensive, evidence based quality information, guidance regarding the quality of treatment provided by various health organisations and the implementation of healthcare services.


Medical Case Management is the result of a major health care paradigm shift. For many years, health care has been delivered in fragmented components. These components are the various providers that a patient may need during the course of health care.


Each component, separately and episodically may strive for cost-effective quality care. In reality, patients suffer from the fragmentation caused by the providers viewing care from their own perspective.


Health Systems and Health Insurance Companies


Health systems around the world have a common goal: to improve the health of the people they serve by delivering high quality, accessible and financially sustainable health care.


Given ballooning health care costs and increasingly demanding consumers achieving this is becoming even more challenging. Quality, access, sustainability and cost-containment form an elusive set of goals for most health systems.


The growing prevalence of chronic diseases, an ageing population and advances in medical technology have placed a heavy burden on health care providers.


In most of the world, chronic diseases are by far the leading cause of disability and death, and now account for 80% of global health care spending - an amount that is expected to continue rising in the coming years.


If the health care needs of the chronically ill and elderly are not adequately addressed the consequences for patients, health systems and insurance companies could be severe.


The failure to appropriately manage disease and carefully coordinate care often leads to worsening patient health, allowing small problems to escalate into medical emergencies. Both scenarios can result in unnecessary treatments, hospitalisations, increased morbidity and mortality.

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