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Tough Choices


Anne consulted privately with many experts, only to find herself increasingly confused. Feeling perplexed and bewildered, she approached MEDIX.


Anne, a 43 year old  mother of two, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After delivering the unpleasant diagnosis, the endocrinologist who was treating her, convened a meeting with several specialists to decide on a course of treatment. Several options were raised.

Anne and her spouse felt that they wanted a more definitive answer, and sought out the top expert in thyroid cancer. With the assistance of friends and some Internet research, they came up with the names of the leading specialists in the field.

Their next stage was to pursue a consultation with each of the specialists. In all, they met with two endocrinologists and three surgeons; not surprisingly, the number of recommendations matched the number of experts. The first recommended to start with surgery and follow up with iodine treatments, the second recommended the reverse order, and another recommended settling on medication treatment and deciding the next stage based on follow up exams.

The result was "total confusion". "Instead of being able to make decisions, the multiple options paralysed us,” says Anne. “The more we consulted, the less clear things became,” adds the husband, “we felt lost and totally overwhelmed.”

Finally the couple decided to follow the surgical option. They decided on a private surgeon and had already scheduled the procedure when Anne suddenly started suffering from back pain. After a CT revealed some complications, “We found ourselves once again, on the consultation circuit. Yet none of the experts was able to adequately interpret the CT findings and their significance, and none of the answers was satisfactory.”

"At that point," Anne admits, "we realised that no matter how much money we were willing to invest to secure the service of the best doctors in the field, there was no clear solution. Even the best experts weren’t sure what we should do. We felt helpless."

Their feelings of confusion and powerlessness continued for several months, until the couple approached Medix. "From that moment on, we knew we had finally found our guiding hand.” explains Anne’s husband. “At Medix, they reviewed all the test results accumulated throughout the process, they cross referenced the data, and they contacted the experts with whom we had consulted, to ask the questions that we didn’t know to ask. Finally, after various brainstorming medical sessions, they came up with a clear plan of action.”

Anne claims that the difference between this and their prior experience stems from Medix’s ability to observe the entire picture, and get a comprehensive overview of the case.


"When you consult a private doctor, this professional is not always able, nor is inclined, to study the entire case which encompasses months of observations and tests. At some point, due to the extensive investigations we had conducted, we had accumulated mountains of paperwork. Medix took all of these materials, hundreds of pages, studied them carefully and summarised all of the information into a clear and concise two page report. I remember taking it to one of our subsequent consultations and being told by the expert: ‘Never have I seen an entire medical case written so clearly and professionally!"

Anne recalls: "I felt like I finally had someone hold my hand and guide me, but it was even more than that. Beyond medical guidance, the Medix team was there to accompany me throughout the process of treatment and surgery. I can honestly say that the Medix personnel give from the heart. Everyone there really wants to help, to contribute and to reduce stress. From the secretary to the CEO, they all helped me feel empowered, were all encouraging and caring. I feel extremely lucky to have found them.”  

The encounter with Medix also led to a significant turn in the course of the case.

“We introduced some critical changes to our previous decisions. Instead of selecting to be treated in a private hospital, we opted to go with the public system. This decision was based on a better understanding of Anne’s case. Given the numerous and complex conditions that the case involved, it was more appropriate to seek care in a facility that housed many experts from various fields under one roof, where they could easily consult and exchange information until together they could gain a complete understanding of the problems that characterised her case.”

Looking back, the couple knows that the recommendation to conduct the procedure in a public facility was the right choice for them. Anne's husband notes: “The surgical procedure was a very difficult and complex one that lasted over 5 hours and was supervised by a team of doctors. In a private hospital, having such a leading multidisciplinary team manage and supervise the case, would simply be impossible."

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