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A Wrong Diagnosis


Had Daniel's family not turned to Medix for help, Daniel would have undergone unnecessary surgery and chemotherapy.


Daniel*, a 23-year-old high-tech worker, suffered from Hepatitis B as well as from a fever of unknown origin. His condition was kept stable with oral medications and regularly scheduled appointments at the hepatology department of a leading public tertiary medical centre.

Daniel underwent abdominal exploration for a suspected peritoneal tumour. Pathology results diagnosed a rare inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour - a diagnosis with a very poor prognosis.  He was scheduled for further surgery and chemotherapy. At that point his family turned to Medix for reassessment of his condition and exploration of best treatment alternatives.

Due to the rarity of the condition, and in order to ensure an accurate diagnosis, Medix recommended that the biopsy be re-evaluated by a pathologist who specialised in soft tissue tumours. Soon after, the pathology slides were reviewed by Professor C. Fletcher of Harvard University, a world leading pathologist in the field. Within 48 hours he had determined that the diagnosis was incorrect and that Daniel was suffering from a far less serious “fibrosis” which was reactive in nature, and in essence an inflammatory lesion.

As a result of Prof. Fletcher’s review, Daniel's surgery and chemotherapy were cancelled and he was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. Since then he has thrived with only a routine twice-yearly follow-up. He has returned to work and was spared the ordeal of surgery, chemotherapy as well as the medical costs involved.

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of Medix clients.


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