Medix Medical Services


Medix Medical Services provides innovative, high-quality healthcare solutions ranging from screening tests and consultations to global case management and skilled homecare. All our services are tailored to the needs of our clients, who include insurance companies, governmental and local institutions and private patients around the world.



Medix Medical Assistance


Our aim is to bring assistance and relief at times of medical crisis and uncertainty, provide a reliable response to patients' real and urgent needs and facilitate access to very best care available.


Medix Services


All of our services are overseen by an in-house team of medical professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, including leading physicians and specialists. Every member of our medical staff is carefully selected for their international reputation, high professional standards and their warm and caring approach to patients.


Medix Medical Experts


Our medical experts are supported by extensive paramedical teams that include skilled nurses, counselors, psychologists, medical coordinators and call centre operatives who are available to provide support to our clients at any time of day or night.


Medix Worldwide Network


At Medix we collaborate with a vast worldwide network of medical centres renowned for their level of excellence. Our global database of leading physicians and medical centres is based on years of research and global clinical experience and ensures we are able to offer the best quality care without compromise.


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